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Expanding My Horizons (Literarily)

While doing some web-surfing, I came across this website:

You type in the name of an author and up comes a list of other authors who might be similar in style or content.  I’m hoping to find some exciting and new (to me)  writers.  It’s good to have comfortable old favorites, but it’s easy to get in a rut.  Change can be good!  So if you have a couple of spare minutes today, check out this site.  I think you’ll be glad you did!  By the way, my poetry-loving husband typed in Robert Frost, it was quite amazing at what came up!  Have fun 🙂



One of my favorite fictional characters is Horace Rumpole.  Years ago, someone gave me a series of videos of the TV shows called Rumpole of the Bailey.  I enjoyed them thoroughly, and when my sister gave me a copy of a Rumpole Omnibus, I was hooked! As I got to know him better over the years,  I’ve harbored a secret wish that old Rumpole would come to life and that I could get to know him in person!  John Mortimer has done such a thorough job of developing the character of  Rumpole, it’s hard to think that he isn’t real.  Well, in my imagination, he’s real enough, I guess.  I read and reread the stories and all the characters have become like dear old friends (even the annoying ones!).

Getting Started

I can pack for a trip with great speed,

for I know in advance what I need.

It isn’t clean socks or toothpaste or clocks–

It’s an armful of new books to read!

-Eve Merriam