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Skywatch (#3 for me)

Sunrise in Spruce Grove!  Fortunately, I had my camera with me to capture the sky one morning this past week.  It was a gorgeous morning, weatherwise.  It’s hard to do justice to the scene with a wee digital camera.  The second shot is with the zoom.  Go to Skywatch Friday and see hundreds of awesome sky pictures from around the world.




A Bit of Bliss

Are you a Jan Karon fan?  I am.  Some years ago, my sister gave me a copy of Patches of Godlight, Father Tim’s Favorite Quotes. It’s a little paperback book, published to look like it would be Father Tim’s actual journal of quotes.  I love collecting quotes, so this book really feels like a bit of treasure; one of my favorite fictional characters keeping a journal of his favorite quotes!  I haven’t looked at the book in quite a while , but thought of it this week when I came across a challenge to read my own books.  I didn’t feel compelled to take up the challenge, as all my books on my shelves are very well-read already, but I was glad to be put in mind of this little book.  I shall enjoy a blissful afternoon of browsing through Father Tim’s favorites, and perhaps be able to add a new favorite to my own collection.


Skywatch Friday

Here it is, time for Skywatch again.  Our skies have not been very interesting this week, so here is a picture I took about a month ago.  We’re walking the dog at end of a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a wonderful fall day, perfect for a stroll!  You’ll notice the dog is nowhere in sight.  She was besides herself with joy at being let off her leash.


Skywatch Friday


I took these shots of the sky from my back step.  The cloud cover that forms the chinook arch made the lighting really bizarre.  It seemed so dark, but really there was so much light, I had trouble not overexposing the shots.

I know this is meant to be a blog about books, but I like taking pictures of unusual things in the sky.  The Skywatch Friday site is a great place to share your sky photos and a great place to visit, even if you’re not posting sky shots.

I’ll get back to books next post!

New Book


I just finished a new book by Colleen McCullough, The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet.  I enjoyed it, but my favorites of hers are still The Ladies of Missalonghi and her first, Tim.  This new story is about Mary Bennet, sister to Elizabeth and Jane Bennet, of Pride and Prejudice fame,  twenty years later.  It’s not what I would call McCullough’s best literary effort (the characters remain mostly two-dimensional, the crises and resolutions are somewhat forced) but nonetheless, a very enjoyable way to spend a grey and overcast day (of which we’ve had several lately).


Alexandra Raife has come up trumps,  I’m definitely adding her to my favorites list!

New Author

I’m always interested to see what my favorite authors are reading when they’re not busy writing.  Rosamunde Pilcher (one of my favorite authors)  lists Alexandra Raife as one of her favorites.  I did a quick search at to see if I could locate some of  Alexandra’s books, only to find that amazon had none in stock and was not anticipating having any in stock.  Of course, there were the usual recommendations for buying used from other sources.  However, this morning as I was standing in line to pay for my dollar store items,  lo and behold, staring me in the face on a bookrack was a copy of “Promises to Keep” by Alexandra Raife.  How’s that for serendipity?!  (Thank you, Heavenly Father, for serendipity!)  I’m thrilled, it made my day.  I’m positively tingling with anticipation to find out whether I have a favorite new author.