Agatha’s Jane

Miss Jane Marple is another of those wonderful fictional creations that seem to live in perpetuity.  Along with good ol’ Rumpole (whose creator, John Mortimer,  recently passed away),  Jane Marple is one of those characters that makes me wish that she was not only a real,  live person, but that she was my dear neighbor (or aunt, for that matter!).  I think my favorite line of hers is this, “I believe in good and evil and life everlasting.”  It comes from the story “Nemesis”,  and sums up very nicely what Miss Marple is all about; not just a nosy old lady with a talent for solving crime, but on a much larger scale, helping put to rights that bit of the world that she has influence over, helping bring about justice in this life, while waiting for the ultimate Justice of the next life.

And what better way to enjoy Miss Marple than by reading from these most elegant red and gold books (my paperback collection has taken a definite step towards the classy, thank you, Santa!).



2 responses to “Agatha’s Jane

  1. Brenda Colleen Leyland January 26, 2009 at 10:23 am

    Kathy, What a great sum up of Miss Marple! And yes, I’d love her for a neighbour or aunty too!

  2. Brenda Colleen Leyland January 27, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    Guess what, Kath….. You are tagged. Come by and see what’s up!

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