Yikes!  I’ve never been tagged before, here goes….


Eight TV shows/movies I watch regularly

1.  Coronation Street

2.  Jeopardy


4.  Corner Gas

5.  Seinfeld

6.  Miss Marple Mysteries (with Joan Hickson)

7.  Rumpole of the Bailey

8.  Out to Sea  (Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon)

Eight Things I Did Yesterday (Tuesday)

1.  Went to Bible Study in the morning

2.  Surfed the Web – found instructions for building a light box

3.  Napped

4.  Read some of my new book by Alex. M. Smith  (The World According to Bertie)

5.  Went for supper with Adam

6.  Snapped some shots for SKYWATCH

7.  Played some Bejewelled

8.  Got tagged!

Eight Things on my Wish List

1.  West Coast road trip (from Vancouver, Can. to Baja, California)

2.  New house

3.  Unlimited book budget

4.  Diamond earrings

5.  Mazda RX8 in Velocity Red

6.  Learn Hebrew

7.  Astonish friends and family with my witty repartee

8.  Have a greener gardening Thumb

Eight Favorite Places to Eat

1.  The Creperie (French Country)

2.  Honshu  (Japanese)

3.  Bing’s  (Chinese)

4.  Mata Hari (Asian)

5.  Swiss Chalet ( chicken)

6.  Something Else (Greek)

7.  Moxie’s  (for their steak sandwich)

8.  Mom’s (whatever it is, it’s made with love!)

Eight Things to Look Forward to

1.  Spring

2.  Heaven

3.  Daughters-in-law

4.  Grandchildren

5.  Spring

6.  Summer

7.  2009 Lee Valley Gardening Catalog

8.  Spring

3 responses to “Tagged!

  1. David Guretzki January 29, 2009 at 6:46 am

    Hi Kathy. I may not be able to help with many items on your wish list, but one of our instructors here at Briercrest has developed a complete set of introductory lessons on biblical Hebrew which you can do online for free! It is called “Animated Hebrew” and each “lesson” takes place online on a virtual “chalkboard” with audio. He has received lots of recognition for this innovative approach. Go here:

    There’s enough material to last for months! And if you work through it, you will have mastered the first year of Hebrew!



  2. Luke Hillacre February 8, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    I laughed at how many times I saw spring on your list, Mom! You must really, really, really like it! (three “really”s for three springs 😛 )
    Also, what kind of light box were you looking up?

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