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More post-Christmas reading…

Here’s another good book:  La’s Orchestra Saves the World by Alexander McCall Smith.  I was already a huge fan of A.M.S. and  this novel only increases my appreciation for his body of work.  I recommend it (the book, that is, although I do also recommend his body of work!).  I’m not going to tell you what the story is about, but I am going to tell you to go to the library and check it out.  Or, if you live close to me,  I could be persuaded to lend it to you.   🙂  Enjoy!


Fans of AMS

For all you  AMS fans (for the uninitiated, that’s Alexander McCall Smith), who may not be aware of the fact,  he’s writing an on-line novel for the London Telegraph.  The novel is called Corduroy Mansions.  He posts a  chapter each day, Monday to Friday.  You can go here to sign up and get the new chapter everyday in your e-mail inbox.  Previous chapters are available to listen to and read.  Enjoy!

P.S.  Here’s a video clip you can watch of Smith talking about the setting of the novel.