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I need to take a new direction with this blog, but at this point, not sure what that will look like, so we’re going on official hiatus for the time being.  Catch you later…..


Treasure Trove

Today being December 1, I was busy hauling out Christmas decorations.  While looking for the second half of the advent calendar, I came across a box of books that I’d stashed away some time ago (we’re talking probably  5 or 6 years!).  What a treat to find some books I thought I’d gotten rid of, and  also to find some new ones that I don’t remember ever reading.  So, I’m happy! This little pile should take me nicely to Christmas, when I hope to find some packages from Santa under the tree that will contain books from my wish list!


Expanding My Horizons (Literarily)

While doing some web-surfing, I came across this website:

You type in the name of an author and up comes a list of other authors who might be similar in style or content.  I’m hoping to find some exciting and new (to me)  writers.  It’s good to have comfortable old favorites, but it’s easy to get in a rut.  Change can be good!  So if you have a couple of spare minutes today, check out this site.  I think you’ll be glad you did!  By the way, my poetry-loving husband typed in Robert Frost, it was quite amazing at what came up!  Have fun 🙂

Getting Started

I can pack for a trip with great speed,

for I know in advance what I need.

It isn’t clean socks or toothpaste or clocks–

It’s an armful of new books to read!

-Eve Merriam