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The Brothers Heath

Here are two books by Chip Heath and Dan Heath that I’ve recently read and thoroughly enjoyed. Made to Stick is a great book, all about effective communication and about getting your ideas across to the right people.  Switch, How to Change  Things When Change is Hard is a remarkable look at what we can do to effect change in our lives at many levels, whether it’s in a job or at a more personal level.

I highly recommend both these books to anyone who is interested in human behavior (particularly our own!)  and what we can do to change what we don’t like.  Lots of times, it’s easy to identify a problem, but much harder to do something about the problem.  It’s easy to see the rut, but can feel impossible to get out of it!  The information in these two books provides some wonderful and practical advice for getting out and staying out of the rut.  The messages are positive and hopeful:  don’t despair, you can do something about the stuff that bugs you!  The books are easy to read, the brothers are knowledgeable and articulate, writing with grace and humor about two difficult subjects, and well worth your time even if you are completely happy and don’t think you need to change a single thing in your life!

(Check out their website, www.heathbrothers.com )